The 'FUNDS' Project

Making Reform Happen: The UN Development System 2025

The project, starting in September 2009, has arisen from a recognition that the 30 agencies of the UN Development System have lived through several decades of a fast-changing global environment and will need to adapt to the new realities, including resurgent developing countries in Asia and Latin America, the threats and opportunities posed by globalisation, the retreat of statism and the recognition that human activities everywhere are driven mainly by private interests.

The UN Development System’s role, functioning, performance – and the need for its future existence – should be examined thoroughly in the light of the rapidly changing global environment.

The present proposal supports the universally acknowledged need for change, if not transformation, in the UN development system to make it more effective and responsive to global challenges up to, but especially beyond 2025, a decade after the target date for the Millennium Development Goals and an appropriate starting point for a follow-on phase whose moniker is yet to be determined.

The proposal has four main deliverables: original research monographs and an edited book; surveys of knowledgeable experts about the state of the UN Development System and its future problems and prospects; a web-based campaign of outreach to disseminate findings and engender support for change; and a series of international conferences to discuss project findings and leading issues of UN development reform, attended by interested parties—member states, UN organizations, NGOs, private sector, the media.

For more information please download the project brochure here.


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