The current timing is strategic for UN reforms

Vikas Nath, Associate Director, FUNDS Project writes:

There are too many governance structures within the UN: some are overlapping and others are far from reality. The issue is also that of incoherence between the agenda setting functions and results delivery mechanisms of the UN, and lack of financing.

But there is good news. Delivering as One (DaO) is being implemented and is leading to increased ownership and efficiency. The creation of UN Women after consolidation of some of the UN agencies and their overlapping mandates has been a bold move. However these changes are not irreversible and do not go far enough.

For instance while DaO is perceived positively, it has limits and cannot guarantee strong leadership and that the funds will materialise.

The UN is in crisis both institutionally and in terms of relevance. Multiple non-UN and private players are emerging with their own monies on issues traditionally dealt within UN. While crisis mode can lead to bold and strategic changes, many member States are not aware of this crisis within UN or the extent of it.

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posted by zafar gondal at 18:16:26 13.02.2014
The UN reforms are to be sure strategic.It is right time. These are disruptive times. Traditional values have changed.Our system are based on pre 1990s values and thinking. This is different time. World has changed a lot. It is right time to change the UNDS and also change the state and government system as well.
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